death by chocolate?


There are few things in this world I love as much as chocolate.  I could eat it every single day and to be honest with you, I usually do.  But every once in a while I start to feel guilty about my gluttony and turn to a healthier way to get my chocolate fix:  Cocoa Nibs!

As explained by Scharffen Berger, “Cacao Nibs are perfectly roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small bits. They are the essence of chocolate. Nibs add crunchiness and subtle chocolate flavor to baked goods and savory dishes. They make a great substitute for roasted nuts or chocolate chips, without added sweetness.”

There are so many ways to use Cocoa Nibs, both sweet and savory.  My favorite way is to sprinkle them on top of vanilla yogurt- it’s the only way I can convince myself that yogurt is a dessert!  Serious Eats posted an entry about What to Do with Cocoa Nibs and I can’t wait to try some of their ideas.  If you try Cocoa Nibs or have any favorite ways to eat them, let me know!

The accidental glutton

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2 thoughts on “death by chocolate?

  1. gingerlatte323 says:

    Cocoa nibs are my favorite I work in a choclate shop and eat them all the time

  2. strongconfidentbravegirl says:

    those are so yummy they are a great healthy finals week snack

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