tunes: washed out, toro y moi

Last spring, I’m pretty sure I listened to Feel It All Around every single day.  I probably annoyed the snot out of my friends, but c’mon, how can you be irritated when you’re listening to such a chill song?

Lately, my obsession has been Toro y Moi.  When I first heard a few of his songs, they brought to mind what I love about Washed Out – that dream-like quality that manages to feel both relaxing & upbeat at the same time.  And how weird is this?  Turns out the guys behind Washed Out and Toro y Moi are old college buddies from the University of South Carolina.  I’m thinkin’ there must be something in the water there…

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Toro y Moi – New Beat

The accidental glutton

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One thought on “tunes: washed out, toro y moi

  1. strongconfidentbravegirl says:

    I work out to these tunes all the time they are so amazing

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