replenish: clean house, clean conscience

replenish fill

When it comes to home cleaners, there are so many gimmicks these days.  The “Magic” Eraser.  Kaboom Bowl Blaster.  Robot powered vacuums.  It’s refreshing to find a brand that doesn’t rely on gimmicky advertising to succeed.  Instead, Replenish makes it’s stand with a simple tagline: A Better Cleanser with a Smarter Bottle.  And for once, the claim is 100% spot-on.

Replenish helps conserve water thanks to it’s innovative “pod” system.  The first time you buy Replenish, it comes with an empty spray bottle and a pod of deliciously scented cleanser.  The bottle itself has a built-in measuring device so you dole out the perfect amount of concentrate & then just fill up the rest of the bottle with tap water.  And here’s where the genius comes in- each pod has enough concentrate to make 3 full bottles of cleanser!  So for the price of one typical bottle of spray cleaner, I actually get 3 bottles and I get to help out the environment a little.

Replenish has set a goal of eliminating 1 billion bottles from landfills, 1 billion supply miles off our roads and 1 billion pounds of chemicals out of the environment.  Here’s a little video explaining how they plan on accomplishing this feat and how your purchase can help!

Replenish comes in three scents: Green Tea, Sun Lemon & Fresh Lavender.  I figured the Sun Lemon would be my favorite, but I’m obsessed with the Green Tea scent.  It doesn’t smell like any other cleansers on the market- it’s not the least bit “chemically-smelling” and it almost smells like the spa.  And Lord knows I love a good spa!  I still haven’t tried the Fresh Lavender scent, but it’s definitely up next.

You can currently buy Replenish at most Whole Foods stores in the Midwest or on their website.  Please let me know if you try it!

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