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love is a porchetta sandwich

IMG 3459

Apparently 2011 is the year to get married.  Seven (yes, seven!) of my nearest & dearest are tying the knot this year. And not even one of the weddings is where I live.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  San Francisco, Savannah, Atlanta, Santa Barbara… it could definitely be worse.

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roasted pumpkin seeds, 4 ways

IMG 4922

Every year we look forward to carving jack o’ lanterns for Halloween.. and somehow every year, we forget what a pain it is to clean out all the pumpkins.  But at least there’s one very tasty upside to all of that manual labor – roasted pumpkin seeds!

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replenish: clean house, clean conscience

replenish fill

When it comes to home cleaners, there are so many gimmicks these days.  The “Magic” Eraser.  Kaboom Bowl Blaster.  Robot powered vacuums.  It’s refreshing to find a brand that doesn’t rely on gimmicky advertising to succeed.  Instead, Replenish makes it’s stand with a simple tagline: A Better Cleanser with a Smarter Bottle.  And for once, the claim is 100% spot-on.

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salted, brown butter rice krispie treats

rice krispie treat

There are only so many chocolate-bacon concoctions I can devour before I start to crave the old-school classics.  When I was little, I loved climbing up on a stool to help my mom make Rice Krispie treats… it seemed magical that something so delicious could come out of a box of cereal!

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review: westside tavern, west la

westside tavern interior

Situated on the ground floor of the Westside Pavilion Mall, just below The Landmark theater, Westside Tavern is a great date-night spot.  The lighting is low enough that we’re looking pretty good & the cocktails are so well-balanced that after downing 3 of them.. I know we’re lookin’ good! Perfect date-night spot indeed.

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tunes: washed out, toro y moi

Last spring, I’m pretty sure I listened to Feel It All Around every single day.  I probably annoyed the snot out of my friends, but c’mon, how can you be irritated when you’re listening to such a chill song?

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fruit for grown ups


Growing up in Missouri, there were two distinct camps regarding the proper way to eat a watermelon.  Salted or Plain.  Now, I always thought those people who salted their watermelon were total weirdos.  I mean, who puts salt on their fruit?!  As it turns out, I stand corrected.  Seasoned fruit is amazing.

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death by chocolate?


There are few things in this world I love as much as chocolate.  I could eat it every single day and to be honest with you, I usually do.  But every once in a while I start to feel guilty about my gluttony and turn to a healthier way to get my chocolate fix:  Cocoa Nibs!

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